The end of this journal.

I am no longer going to write in this journal. I'm done with it, and all the memories in it. I'm going to start fresh, so feel free to take happy_sad_girl off your friends list.

My new journal is commonanomaly and I would be delighted if you would add me as a friend because I enjoy the journals of everyone on my friends list.

Thank you!
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Not a real post

6 out of 7 tests I've taken put me in Gryffindor. The one that didn't put me in Ravenclaw.

I'm from Gryffindor!

Hogwart's Sorting Hat Quiz

LOL! I have way too much time on my hands! Hey, I'm living a bit longer than expected...

A real post is coming soon, I swear!

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I'm going to be ill...

I'm starting to get sick. Sore throat, body aches, the whole nine yards. If I don't get better fast then I might not post for a while because as it is I am already dizzy and delirious and I have the feeling this is just the beginning!

Must... take... vitiman... c...
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Recovering from fun

I had a bit too much fun on Wednesday! I made chicken ka-bobs with mushrooms and bell peppers and silver_sessions made me a few kamikazes. madminx got rather drunk herself, but not nearly as drunk as I was. I got to see Cherry again, which was good times and I had a much needed conversation with her about things. My only regret is that I have no idea how the night ended and I woke up the next morning with a bump on my head and apparently I threw up on the stairs. Oops!

I'm actually considering not drinking anymore. I mean, that was a great night, but every time I drink I end up needing a full day to recover. All of me just aches and pain is supposed to be the body's way of telling you something is wrong. If madminx will quit with me then maybe I'll do it.

So yesterday was my recovery day. I stayed in bed most of the day but finally got up so madminx and I could go to the movies. We saw 'The Notebook' and by the end of the movie I was bawling like a baby and peeking at madminx to make sure she wasn't laughing at me. The movie was so sad, but I needed a good cry! Lately I've been a bit too cold for my tastes.

I got a voice mail from my uncle Randall telling me my grandmother is here visiting from Arkansas. This is the same grandmother who sent me a birthday card with a lecture written in it about how I'm not independent and I'm failing and blah blah blah. Also the grandmother that told my little sister "You have to do something with yourself, you're my last hope!" Yeah, so I'm just thrilled to death about going to visit her on the fourth. But oh dear, I work on the fourth! Gee, I guess I'll have to figure something out...

My cat is deathly cute. I had donuts and pudding last night and I might have KFC tonight. 100lbs, here I come! Weeee!
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Fried chicken!

Since madminx was gone on Sunday Vaughan was kind enough to drive me to work. He saved me a lot of trouble because I hate hate hate taking the bus and the last time I did there were creepy people that talked to me.

On Monday my madminx got home and we were delightfully lazy for most of the day. I splurged and bought Kentucky Fried Chicken and it was very much good times. I'm telling you, you haven't seen me happy until you've seen me eat fried chicken!

Later that night Vaughan picked me up and we went and saw Harry Potter. It was my fourth time seeing it and it was just as exciting as the first time! I want to go see it a few more times, and then I'll be satisfied. It's so dark and beautiful. Yep. Vaughan liked it much more than the other ones and I think he was surprised by how much darker it was, but then again he hasn't read the books.

People love my hair. People I work with and people I don't know have been coming up to me to tell me how wonderful my hair is. Yay!

Three weeks ago I weighed myself and my weight was 89.9 pounds. Keep in mind I am itty bitty. I hadn't been able to buy food because I didn't have any money but now that I'm working my ass off I have been able to eat more. Last week I weighed 92.3 pounds. I weighed myself today and my weight is 94.5 pounds. Yay, I'm proud of me! My goal is to reach 100 pounds, 98 at the very least. This calls for more fried chicken!

I hope tomorrow goes well... If it does, you'll be hearing about it!
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A poem.

Why can't I love you?

Why can't you be the one?
With your sweet, clumsy hands
and your silly smile
and your generous heart
and your glittering eyes?

Why can't you find my heart?
With it's blood flowing like sand
and it's stories wild
and it's numerous scars
and it's great goodbyes?
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Ice cream and hair cuts!

I got ice cream with Vaughan the other day and I talked about cutting my hair and crazy people and friends. Good times, and damn good ice cream! It was oatmeal raisin something or another. Vaughan got some minty goodness with huge chunks of chocolate in it. Ice cream makes me giddy.

Later I got drunk with madminx and silver_sessions and we talked about nipples and I drew pictures of boobies. We weren't being perverted, I swear! It was more a discussion of female anatomy. Yes. We built this entertainment center thingie and at some point I must have banged my knee really hard because the next day it hurt like a bitch! It was good fun though.

Then yesterday I decided to go for it and get my hair cut. There was 20 minute wait so madminx and I went to the coffee shop next door and I got tea and she got cider. They put whipped cream on her cider and since she can't have dairy I had her feed it to me from a spoon. Good times.

Then something really annoying happened. I went to the restroom and while I was in there someone started knocking on the door. I said "Someone's in here" but they kept knocking so I said it again LOUD. I was getting furious. Who the fuck knocks on a restroom door when they know someone is in there? I mean, come on people, if the door is closed and locked... This is not rocket science. So anyway, I did my business and the jiggling of the door handle was starting to cause this funny twitch in my left eye so I charged the door like a bull and opened it hard and fast. WHAM! Right into some kid. Well, maybe next time his parents(who were standing right there!) will control their damn child. Hehe...

So I got my hair cut! It's pretty cute, though not as short as I wanted it to be. I wanted something more drastic, but oh well...

I've been working hard lately so I thought I'd spoil myself and I bought a new CD (the Cardigans) and the first season of Friends on DVD. Eeeee! I'm so excited about watching it!

I'm so hungry... I'm going to have a chicken pot pie soon and I will be satisfied!
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This hunting ground

Harriers and Crackpots

I can almost see new york from here
perched on this branch that is dangling precariously over
the greatest gaping hole on the face of the planet.

And then I'm back in the school yard
and children shouldn't know words such as psycho or bitch
but they toss them around like rubber bouncing balls

So, I'm still your little "psycho", am I?
Well then cast your stones with your immaculate fingers and
watch them soar like angels toward my cursed frame

Let the long hidden truth be known
And all hail the heroes that vanquished the loathsome beast!
(Never mind that it was already beaten and fractured)

I was once young, a caster of stones
but then I grew up to find myself in the clutches of reality
but you... you are all still bullies in the schoolyard.

If you want more from me, go here. If you don't, then curl up with a good book and sink into another world. I love good books.
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